engagement session


It all started when…

An engagement session is simply a photo session of you and your future spouse and capturing & telling your story & relationship. While some people opt for an Engagement Session to fulfill a certain need ie. Save the Date Cards, displays at reception etc. It’s is just a great opportunity for you to have photos taken of you and your fiancé together during this season of your life together.


How does it work?

First off we decide on a location. Great locations and lighting can make the session that much better! Decide if you want to go with more of an urban and city vibe, or you would prefer more greenery, and scenic nature or maybe somewhere in between! It is also great to think of places that may hold meaning to the both of you and what inspires you. Maybe it’s a city skyline, or the beauty of the mountains and landscape. If you can’t think of anything I can help suggest places for beautiful lighting, interesting compositions, and awesome backgrounds.

From there we set a date and time for the shoot and meet at the pre-determined location and get started!



So I’m not a huge one for “perfect posing” or going for the “perfect picture.” My focus is on capturing you as you are in creative, real, intimate and fun life moments. To do this, I prefer to try and set-up scenarios and scenes that encourage playful and romantic interaction. Often times I will have you walk down pathways, or play in a field or just tell you guys to hold and be in the moment together. Some times I will try some more creative poses to capture connection, and cool images but overall while I do give some direction it’s all about the connection and relationship you have together. This is your time together and I want to honor and capture those memories. That being said....


So you probably you used to being in front of the camera. In fact it can even make you feel awkward or slightly intimidated. Thats totally okaaay. My advice for this is try to connect with each other in these moments, because chances are you are both feeling it and just let that moment become what it does. If you feel like hugging or leaning in for a kiss regardless of any direction I may be giving, then do it! I don’t come into sessions with a cookie cutter of what I “need” to capture or photograph. We are creating memories and moments together and these are your moments so let them happen! Don’t feel awkward expressing your love or showing physical affection. Trust me, it makes the pictures that much more special and fun. These times are to be cherished, enjoyed and remembered. So don’t stress out about how you’re looking in front of the camera or what not-because that’s my job ;) We’re gonna have fun, and laugh and create some awesome memories and images together.


What should we wear?

First off, I want you to be yourself! That being said, I typically tell couples to bring 1 to 2 outfits. The first one being a more casual outfit. The second being(maybe) a bit more formal. but the most important thing though is that you are comfortable and feel natural, and you wear something that is representative of who you are.

Don’t feel like your outfit needs to match that of your future spouse’s either. Coordinating outfits is okay, but I don’t encourage matching. Look for complimentary and earthy colors & tones in choosing out an outfit. Make sure your outfits are complimentary as well to your future spouses. You don’t want to be wearing jeans and a t-shirt while he is in a formal tux! I also recommend staying away from bright whites, heavily visible logos, or crazy mismatched patterns, Basically anything that could pull the attention away from who you are as a couple!

If you need help, once again just reach out and send a picture of what you’re thinking about!


This is your time together.

Some people may never get another chance to have just the two of them photographed at such an exciting time in their life or in intimate and fun way. So take advantage of it! Don’t worry about being “bad” in front of the camera. Trust me, No one is ever “bad.” Yes, you might feel awkward and uncomfortable at first. It’s totally natural. When I did engagement pictures with my wife back in the day, I felt awkward at first. Just don’t let it control you. Loosen up and we will have a good time! Look into the eyes of your future partner and embrace the moment. You are getting engagement pictures taken to document the love that you have for them and the story of who you are together, so focus on that, let loose and let your love and affection show.


Here’s a few questions to answer that way I can get to know you guys more and best capture and tell your story!