Cummins Falls Adventure Engagement Session

Kelcee and Ethan are more than just another couple; they are a couple of close friends. I've gone to school with Kelcee since 4th grade and met Ethan in college before they even started dating! It been great to see their story develop and form over the years of knowing them both. This past July we all adventured out to Cummins Falls in Cookeville, Tennessee for their engagement shoot. I've been wanting to do a session at Cummins Fall for a long time. 

It was a pretty big leap of faith. I had been to Cummins a few times before, and each time it was packed full of people hiking and swimming. Throw in some chances of storms on the radar and there were plenty of reasons this shoot could have derailed before it even got started. To say it worked out to perfection might be an understatement. As we hiked through the gorge to get to the falls, stopping here and there to take shots, the rain held off. As we finally came upon the falls, we could hear the voices of the crowds of people that would make it difficult to shoot around. But as we approached, the lifeguards and rangers controlling the masses signaled for everyone to leave. (You have to be out of the park by 6pm!) After a moment of hesitation, we decided to go for it anyways, and as the crowds cleared out it left us just enough of a window to shoot uninhibited by people crowding the the falls. It could not have been better timing. As we hiked back out and made it to the car to leave the rain started to pour down and didn't stop till we made it back to Nashville. I felt like we had just cheated the system somehow to get it to work out that perfectly. 

Overall it was awesome. Thanks to Kelcee and Ethan for being the free-spirited, and fun-loving adventurous people they are! Check out that shoot below!