SaraBeth+Chris // Nashville, TN

SaraBeth and Chris were married on November 5, 2016 at Cedarwood. Though it was November, the wedding was outdoors. However, as scary as that might sound the weather was absolutely perfect and set the tone for the entire day. 

The day began with SaraBeth and all her bridesmaids getting ready at SaraBeth's house. Everyone met together at Cedarwood later that day to begin the celebrations. If you have never been to Cedarwood, it is basically like wedding heaven. Every inch of the venue and location is beautiful and full of everything you could want at your wedding, from rustic barns, rolling fields, vintage houses and bridal suites to calm and peaceful ponds, it really has it all! I'm always excited when I get to shoot a wedding here. The early November weather and the soft turning color of the leaves and greenery made it ever that much better.

Chris and SaraBeth first saw each other out on the dock by the little pond that borders the Cedarwood property. Reminiscent of a miniature Radnor Lake, this place is calm, serene and romantic. The faded tree colors surrounding the couple on the dock made it seem like a fairy tale. 

The Ceremony took place out in the field later that day as the sun was fading behind us. I think the memory of the ceremony that will forever be remembered by myself and all the guests there were the emotional and touching hand-written vows that Chris and SaraBeth chose to share with each other. By the time they finished everyone was in tears and was witness to their incredible love they shared no just for each other but for God. 


The reception was held on the enclosed and heated patio of the main house at Cedarwood. The band played, the guests danced and everyone celebrated the remarkable couple and their vow of commitment that day. As they ran through the tunnel of sparklers on the way to their new lives, it was clear they were meant for each other.

From best friends for over 15 years, to newlyweds, the companionship and chemistry between SaraBeth and Chris is unmatched and it was an honor for me to capture their day. Check out all the highlights from their beautiful wedding day below!