Lisa+Anthony // Nashville, TN

Lisa and Anthony were married January 1, 2017 at the Barn at Loveless Cafe in Franklin, TN. While the weather on the first day of the new year was overcast with a little light rain, it set a nice and intimate mood for what was an amazing and special day. You will be hard-pressed to find a sweeter and more gentle couple than Lisa and Anthony.

The day started at the house Lisa and Anthony would be living in after they got married with Lisa and all her bridesmaids getting ready. Even the flower girl got to have her hair done for the big day!


 Oh and Maisley was there too, the maid of honor's dog, who I couldn't seem to to stop filming! She was adorable! 

Once everyone was ready, they packed up and headed to Loveless where Anthony and Lisa held their first look in the same aisle Lisa would be walking down in a few short hours.  It had been drizzling most of the morning, but let up enough for us to go take some shots outside. Even though it was the first day of January, the weather was surprisingly warm enough to be outside for a time and get some great shots in the soft light the overcast skies provided. Also, the greenery at and around Loveless was truly beautiful too and really added to the mood and setting for the whole day.

The ceremony and reception were held in the barn at Loveless. The Rock and Roll Piano's provided for some great entertainment and gave everyone plenty of great tunes to dance the night away celebrating the new couple!

Every moment and detail of their day told the story of who they were as people and who they were becoming as a couple. From the blue sea-glass on the necklace that Lisa wore- a token from a trip to Alaska where Anthony stood on the Alaskan shore for hours in search of the rare beauty to the beautiful thought they put into their flavored cupcakes representing places from where they came from, every detail and moment was something special and I was honored to have been a part of their big day. Witness the intimate moments from preparation, to the first look and the fun celebration with family and friends at the reception in their film. Congratulations to Lisa and Anthony!

Caleb Clayton