colorado adventure wedding photographer + videographer

Filmmaking has always been a hobby of mine. My 6th grade birthday party was just my friends getting together to make a movie(if you are wondering, we made a spoof off of The Twilight Zone).

This love and passion of the art of photography & filmmaking has grown and shifted and changed over time, but has always remained in some form or another.

My first step into wedding filmmaking was for a few friends back in 2o13. At the time I was majoring in Electronic Media Production at Middle Tennessee State University when they asked me if I would do it. I was set to graduate the same day as their wedding and decided to forgo attending my graduation to film their wedding. I think it worked out.

When it comes to Weddings, my filmmaking style is slightly different from when I Photograph them. This mainly being in part to having to work with other Vendors and photographers if I am solely filmmaking.

As a Wedding Videographer, I have more of a documentary and candid style. I focus on the moments, interactions, emotions, and overall story and edit them together in a way thats creative, emotional, and fun. While my tones are still dark and moody, the overall vibes of the films are typically ones of celebration, and love.  

Check out a recent film I did on New Years Eve. Or you can view a full gallery of ones I’ve done over the years below.

Dorothy & Adam were married at The St. Vrain in Longmont, CO an absolutely beautiful converted car repair shop to wedding venue. Their wedding was on New Years Eve- an already special occasion that will now be forever marked by an even more special occasion in their lives. They scheduled their day accordingly too, knowing that they, and their guests would want to not just celebrate their new commitment in marriage but also bring in the New Year in style-and it was style! Their ceremony was sweet and perfect and their hand written vows to each other could not have a conveyed more of who they are as individuals and to each other. And the reception was non-stop fun all the way through the Saber-Champagne-opening ceremony right as the clock struck 2019! It was an honor to get to be a part of this day and night! Congrats to Dorothy & Adam! ©Caleb Clayton Film + Photo Music Licensed & Provided by The Music Bed "Extraordinary Magic" - Ben Rector "Tonight Feels Different" - Keelan Thompson