“Do you ever shoot anything besides weddings?”

the answer: yes.

While weddings and engagements are the main focus, I’m always down for other creative opportunities that may present themselves to me.

From Promotional Videos for Photography Workshops (speaking of, if you’re a Photographer here and need a promo video for your workshop hit me up) to creative portrait and lifestyle “Self-Love” Sessions, to fund raising videos for Non-profit mission organizations- I love pushing my creative envelop and connecting with people all over the country and world.

You can see some of my other creative work below that doesn’t pertain to weddings. And if you’re inspired, or driven to connect and create a “Self-Love Session” or need lifestyle photography for your brand, well shoot me a message yo and let’s create!


The Hey Darling Workshop was created by Henry Tieu & Viet Dinh as a way to educate Photographer’s both new and experience in business and creativity. Check for more information on them.


“Self-Love Shoots”

What is a “Self-Love” Shoot? Good question.

Essentially these “Self Love” shoots are creative lifestyle sessions.

A friend approached me a little whole back looking for someone to do a “portrait” session, but not for standard headshots or anything, but something completely out of the ordinary in creativity. And Lo-and behold, these sessions were born.

So if you’re looking to rebrand, rebirth, or just love yourself with a creative session that can show off your personality, your creativity, or your brand or lifestyle, then let’s do it!



I’ve had the privilege of working with Emmaus House- an organization in Cap Haitien, Haiti that strives to stand in the gap for orphaned youth in Haiti and transition and prepare them for life as an adult in Haiti.


I traveled to Haiti in April of 2018 and made this video to document the work they are doing.

You can find out more by watching the video and visiting: